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About Me

Synthetic fiber consultant

Having work experience in nylon Mother yarn, POY & FDY spinning. Polyester, nylon-6 & nylon66 industrial yarn and spin-draw spinning.

Polyester POY , Mother yarn , FDY & IDY spinning.

Having good hands-on and working experience in the following:

• Nylon/polyester POY , FDY.  Mother yarn  and IDY spinning.

• Nylon FDY plant TMT (Japan) P125-25 an extruder, TMT drawing system & TMT ATI-615r/12 winder denier range 20 ~ 200 filaments 10 ~ 48 and DPF range 1 ~ 3.5.

• Have good experience in running high-tenacity polyester yarn.

• Familiar with (D.C.S.) spin draw plant. Viba-siat (Italy) extruder 10 E 10 barmag make, dienes godets system and barmag ASW 962 winders.

• Nylon tyre cord DSD spinning. Worked on Toray p-115-25a extruders, plc control chips transportation system, Toray HW-16 auto doffing winder and cheese winder.

• Worked on rieter J7/8 godet system & Rieter J7/a3 auto winder familiar with Nauta mixers and barmag extruders. Polyester poy spinning chips drying and extruder. Worked on somas & indcon dryers, barmag, jhon-brown extruders, barmag and neumag winders.


• Nylon chips drying system. Nylon industrial yarn barmag and zimmer spindraw process & conventional process.

Personal Information

Nationality: Indian

Marital Status: Married

Gender: Male

Languages Spoken: Hindi, Marathi, and English

Date of Birth: 10 July 1959



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